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Do you have Wavy,Frizzy, or Puffy Hair? Does your hair change with the weather? You have curly hair.  Come see Jessica for a "Curly Test" and get a conditioning, hair lesson and haircut !

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The Resurrection Power of Water.

Elasticity, flexibility, bounce, shine, the look of youth and longevity. These are the words that describe the attributes of hair , skin and “the look” that most people all want to have. It’s all about keeping hydrated. When something is devoid of water it is considered de-hydrated. Add water to a package of dried contents and you get the opposite of dehydration, hydration. (read more)


Articles on Ingredients

Making scents magazine 1999. Warning: What Your Shampoo’s Label Won’t Tell You. “FDA regulates food and drugs not the body care industry”. Harry Terhanian.

“The FDA will only investigate products and possibly pull it off the Shelves if extensive mass consumer complaints and lengthy accumulations of evidence point to its harmfulness”. There are no legal guidelines for natural. A chemist’s definition for “Natural” is that the molecule contains carbon. Propylene Glycol is the main TOXIC ingredient in industrial Antifreeze. This slimy product is used in shampoos, gels, eye cream, and a whole host of other products to give glide and anti-humectant properties .Mainly used for subverting water. (Frizz, puffiness).(read more)


Other articles and information

Taken from the Summer/Fall 1999 issue of Making Scents Magazine:

Warning: What Your Shampoo's Label Won't Tell You...

With the tremendous growth of the natural products industry in recent years, it is no wonder that a whole new generation of "all-natural" products is springing up in neighborhood drug and health food stores alike. The descriptive, "all-natural", has become a buzzword used by big and small companies trying to exploit the niche market of natural products. (read more)


Going Green and Curly, a curly Hair story and hair care guide.
By Jessica Evrist 2013

I was born bald and I didn’t have much but fuzz for two years. When I did finally have some decent looking hair my mother let it grow very long. 

Growing up, I used to watch my mother use bobby pins to make pin curls in her very straight hair and set her hair all night long so she could have bouncy and curly locks in the day. (read more)


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