$75.00 Curly Test

Do you have Wavy,Frizzy, or Puffy Hair? Does your hair change with the weather? You have curly hair.  Come see Jessica for a "Curly Test" and get a conditioning, hair lesson and haircut !

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Jessica A. Evrist

California Styles Founder & Artistic Director


I recently was able to publish my work in the 2005 Passion International hard cover styling book and was proud to showcase my daughter and other local models. (They got me too!) I love doing hair it makes people happy to transition  from something old and tired to something fun and exciting. I'm happy to be the co-creator along with them of their " new image" and hope to further develop my photography skills and keep doing more great works of art  as long as I can.

All the years doing hair shows and local fashion shows gave me the confidence to  train to be an educator/platform artist  for Redken while attending our local college taking various classes of psychology , sociology, music, even a pottery class.... might as well, it's all art. I also took nutrition/stress management courses along with exercising  and eventually got the courage  to take a neuroscience class! That was fun.

People interest me and why we do what we do sometimes can help us transition from one trauma or event to the next. Doing hair is working with people obviously so I thought it would be a good idea to learn about all sorts of people.  I did my term paper on Alzheimer's. (If I can still spell that one right.) It was extremely interesting to understand about the neural pathways that can get affected and cause such a devastating effect. Other interesting subjects seemed to pop up like Autism, A.D. D.,A.D.HD, Aspergers and a whole other sort of A words.... so this studying has proven effective in being able to understand the erratic behaviors of different people that have crossed mine  and my clients paths.

Genetics are one thing, but environment... we can change. So I've been working, studying, doing research and development these last few months about our environment in the salon with the products we use here and at home . Gaining knowledge and how we can change things to help ourselves in regards to using chemicals are preventative measures using my new techniques and eco -friendly products.

I've been doing hair for over 23 years and "feeling the effects" of the long-standing "pun intended" results of working in sluggish oxygen deprived environments in the salons over the years. (you've smelled those chemicals , don't lie...) Just remember your "best friends" you've confided in all these years when we can't do this anymore. So I am learning about eco-friendly products to help do my part in changing our industry and bettering our health in the salons eco- environment with new techniques and safer products.


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